meditaion retreat

The Free fall into your self

Starts: 07-05-2021 Ends: 09-05-2021

Where?: Åmal, Sweden (or online)

In a moment of total presence, in a moment of silence, in a moment of no grasping or rejecting; it is suddenly obvious. It has been there all the time, silently waiting. Truth is very respectful. It does not interfere. It can wait for eternity. As long as we are busy, looking for the truth, it waits, until we are ready, to dissolve and be it. It is not a verbal, intellectual understanding. It is a shift in consciousness, a change of reference point. Instead of living as a separate individual that is aware, suddenly you realise that you are awareness itself.

– Nukunu

Session from 10.00 to 13.00 and one again 15.00 to and Gayatri in the evening the first day Saturday 24. from 19 or 19.30.
Three days on Dharma Doors and Inquiries with the usual open sessions, where we work with one person. Price 4000, SEK for both days. Hope we can do it live and not on the ne, but lets see. Connect with Durga and Ananda Giri, “info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)