Question of the month: February 2018


How do I stop fighting my mind?


All that arises in the ego-mind – the part of mind that we have made private – are experiences, and experiences are consciousness. Everything in consciousness is impermanent and consciousness appears as forms and names. All forms are empty of any inherent self-nature of their own. Therefore, all names point at something that is not real. So what is the true self-nature of things? They are all your innermost nature – your true Self. But that is not a “some-thing”!! That can be realized but it cannot be understood.

To come into this mystic secret we will have to go beyond all duality.

In the state of duality we believe that the both the thinking subject and objects are real, meaning that they have an independent self-nature. In reality they are impermanent, but we don´t see this because we can name the appearances. We live in a world of words and labels. The first thing that is required for awakening is to become free from all labels and face our experiences directly! Then we will see that the experiences are not real. To do this we must practice meditation and mindfulness .

One of the ways we get caught in duality and ignorance is through liking and disliking. When we entertain this very popular game of preferences we are not only hurting ourselves and others, we also remain in unconsciousness. The experience of other people is also consciousness, but we create duality by separating ourselves from the experience. If there is something we don´t like in another person, we should stop immediately and face our own experience of disliking. And yes – we will see that it is impermanent and the essence of our enlightenment. If we keep on judging people we will not only lose them, but we will also lose ourselves.