Question of the month: September 2019

When you are awakened, how is it to experience that you are not the body?


When we start to realise who we really are, we will feel a presence of being that is never changing. From one moment to the next, maybe just for half a second, we will become this “presence”, in Zen called a Satori. In that split second we know that we are the inner reality in every experience. We know that we are home and that this is what we came for! From this point of view, when we are “IT”, we will know that “THAT IS IT!”

A zen satori is when you happen to make the jump…

But for most people, this short awakening is not lasting. That is why I call the work we are doing “Sudden Awakening – Gradual Cultivation”.
In the beginning we will meditate and find ways to stay in this realisation. People often feel that it is “a coming and going”. Old habits will pull us in again and again into grasping and rejecting! When we fall back into old habits, we immediately create a dualism – a separation – and we are back in the pain that the whole world lives in.

When we start to have these moments of awakening, we will know for sure that all experiences are “Maya”; they are unreal and passing. The body is also seen as an experience – an unreal, impermanent phenomenon. This is not something we believe, it is just something we know!! We do not need to convince anyone about it because it is not a belief.