Question of the month: May 2019


When I read the literature of the Mystics they write again and again that “everything is God”. Can you explain this?


Nukunu´s answer:

Yes, it is also my realisation that everything is God.

The first step is to realise that all our experiences are impermanent. This means that every experience has only one reality and that reality is the real you! But don’t try to understand this with your mind. Instead experience your experiences! Then you will realise that no experience has an independent, unique nature! If you can be totally present to the present, forms and names will disappear and reveal a marvellous space. You will know that everything is not only God but also your own amazing nature. This can be so overwhelming that you start to cry or laugh. Here you have found what you came for!

If we don’t look deeper the whole world appears as real. The more we are lost and believe in this appearance, the more real it seems. Names and labels help to keep us ignorant of the true nature of the appearances in front of us because they associate us with the past. The moment we give a name to an experience, we are no longer with the experience. We are not present to the present.

When you touch your natural state you will realise, not only that you are THAT unexplainable ME, but also that this me – which is one with the Divine – is also the creator of the world that appears in front of you. Yes, this is unbelievable but it is the simple truth!

First of all we must dare to see everything as impermanent; this is most important! Then we are not only able to have a glimpse of our real nature, we also simultaneously know that we are one with the Divine and the creator of the whole world of appearances. So when we have an experience we can use the words of the great saint Anandamayi Ma and say “Now He comes as this….”