Question of the month: December 2019


Is there any free will, Nukunu?


Most societies in the world are built on the idea that we have a free will. But from the enlightened perspective there is neither freedom nor determinism. These two ideas belong to the “ego-mind”, and the moment we realise our true nature we see that the ego is a fiction – an idea we are identified with.

So my very short answer is: “how can we talk about free will when there is actually no person there to be free?”

We are truly and essentially the “fourth dimension”. The little ego-mind has no way to understand this dimension, but we can wake up and realise that whatever we believe in, free will or determinism, is just a belief and to live with beliefs like these is utter pain.

The fourth dimension cannot really be known in a traditional way. We can “be the truth” but we cannot know it. It is not an experience because experiences require the duality between a “me” and what this me experiences. In the moment of awakening it is realised that both are “appearances” and they have no separate self-nature. They are dreams created by who we really are – the fourth dimension. Our true nature is this fourth dimension, creating and projecting the world we experiencing.


Very few realise this and they cannot change what the other 99.99999% believe in. The world would look totally different if the majority realised our true nature. A consequence of a world where the majority are awakened is that there would be no wars, because we would see that we and our fellow humans are essentially “our own self”. Awakened we live in “oneness with everything that can be experienced!”

Another consequence of a world with a majority of realised citizens is that we would not have to put anyone in jail. If someone was behaving dangerously, he or she would get help instead of punishment. But because we believe that there is a free will, we also believe that the so called “criminal” had the free will to act otherwise. Apparently it looks like that, but this is only because we don’t know who we really are and people in the legal system don´t know this either.

In the enlightened state we realise that the apparent experience we call “I” is just another creation of the divine. It is all God´s play.

Before Catholicism was established about 300 years after Christ, there was a very dominant interpretation of Christs teaching by a man called Pelagius. Pelagius and his followers believed in “animism”, that everything is God. But with Emperor Constantine all the followers of Pelagius were collected and killed. Christianity was declared to be Theism. God was separated from his creation and he could only be reached through the whole hierarchy; the priests, the bishops and the pope. This was indeed the politics of power and separation. Even today mainstream Christianity believes in free will and a separate “me”, because how else can people be saved from hell? With a free will people are free to believe in the church and thus be saved from hell. But this is all a power game.