Tantra and Enlightenment

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Begins: November 6th, 2019
Ends: November 10th, 2019
How to apply: Email to: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

For some unknown reason I have been waiting to give this program. But now I was invited to take part in the Tantra Festival in Stockholm in November, so it is maybe time I take it up.

Tantra comes from the matriarchy that still existed in resent time in an ancient tribal community of Tibetan Buddhists called the Mosuo, they live in a surprisingly modern way: women are treated as equal, if not superior, to men; both have as many, or as few, sexual partners as they like, free from judgment; and extended families bring up the children and care for the elderly. But it is as utopian as it seems? And how much longer can it survive in this patriarchy we live I in these days.
Historically the matriarchy is before the patriarchy. The matriarchy society is the ancient culture in Asia where where yoga, tantra, sacred dance, meditation, mudras and so on come from. All these techniques served one goal – Enlightenment!

In this group we will teach the basic of Tantra.

First you sexuality must be free. So here we will work with traumas from our upbringing. Then we will introduce the concept of “Vally Orgasm”. Vally Orgasm is about having intercourse! Without “coming” then you slowly learn to allow the strong energy to move “vertically” in you, instead of “horizontal! We cannot do that in the group of course. Put you can practise in private, that is what I have been doing.

The third and last part it is the real meeting. I this part you meet being to being and maybe realize that there is no separation on the level of being. That is Non Duality – total freedom, realizing our true nature.
The third part we can do in the group so you really learn it.