Rising in Love, Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway
Begins: 19:00, December 14th, 2018
Ends: 17:00, December 16th, 2018
Ticket: 1,900 NOK
Application Deadline: December 3rd, 2018
How to apply: Email to Rolf Thomas: rolfthomas@hel-ved.no

Relating is maybe the most difficult but also the most supporting for growth. Since relationships are such a strong mirror it can help us to see where we are identified.

Relationship is deeply connected with intimacy. This life seems empty and meaningless without intimacy so everybody longs for intimacy! On the other hand for most of us intimacy is also very scary, since we become totally naked and vulnerable.
This becomes very obvious in our relationships. We want to come close and meet, but it is dangerous because coming close is only possible when we put down our protections and armour. Doing that we become easy to hurt.
For relating to be constructive, something we can grow through, it is important that we can work with projections.

Zeneca the Stoic says.

“ If you believe that the other is the reason for your problems you are
totally wrong. If you see that you yourself are the reason for your trouble
you are on the right course. When you realize the no one is responsible for
the problem you are home.”

  1. You cannot be in a relationship if you cannot relax and enjoy your own
  2. You’d better settle with the possibility that your partner never changes
    and if the change should somehow happen it will not be because of you
    desiring it.
  3. There is nothing to get in a relationship – there may be something to
  4. There are no problems to be solved in a relationship – there are matters to
  5. The happiness you may experience in a relationship is not coming from the partner – it is arising from you own being.