New NDT group starting up

Location: Matter of the Heart center, Gilleleije, Denmark
Begins: October 17th, 2019
Ends: October 20th, 2019
Ticket: 3,500 DKK + food/acc 750.-
Venue: Matter of the Heart center, Gilleleije, Denmark
Address: "Matter of the heart center" Lerager 14, 3250 Gilleleje, Denmark
Application Deadline: October 1st, 2019
How to apply: Email to Nukunu: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

New group for Non-Dual therapist training at «Matter Of The Heart center» Gilleleje, Denmark.

Many people wanted to do my latest training so I have decided to add one more training group starting on October 17th.to 20th. this year. Poul Jensen will be co-leading the training.


The price for each 4 days are 3.500. + food/acc 750.-,
(Deposit 3.500, covering the last 4 days in 2020.)

You can pay the whole training in one go 17.500 or pay each time we meet 3.500.- It is important you understand that if you sign up for the training and want to have a certificate in the end you commit yourself to all 20 days. You also have to pay the whole training fee even if you are not taking part in the whole training. Unless you talk with Nukunu and make other arrangements.

The training consist of five parts:

  • Part 1: Primal and early life decisions (Oct. 17th.-20th. 2019)
  • Part 2: Relationships (Dec 05th.-08th. 2019)
  • Part 3: Love and death (April 10th.-13th. 2020)
  • Part 4: Counseling, (June, 18th.-21th.)
  • Part 5: Buddha Psychology (Aug. 13.-16. 2020)

(To get a certificate/diploma for the training, you need to take part in all five parts.)

I recommend that you listen to the talk under “audio” on my website, nukunu.net and read the article about Non Dual Therapy under “Free Text”. Read more about NDT here

Signing up

Please sign up in good time. Deadline for signing up is 1st. of September 2019. Remember that you commit your self to participate in the whole training unless you have other agreements with Nukunu.

Deadline for signing up is 01 October. 2019