NDT (Starting up this date) POSTPONED!

Location: Matter of the Heart center, Gilleleije, Denmark
Begins: April 9th, 2020
Ends: April 12th, 2020
Ticket: 3,500 DKK + food/acc 750.-
Venue: Matter of the Heart center, Gilleleije, Denmark
Address: "Matter of the heart center" Lerager 14, 3250 Gilleleje, Denmark
Application Deadline: March 1st, 2020
How to apply: Email to Nukunu: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

This event is postponed due to the corona virus situation!


«It is not about trying to change things.
It is about not being changed by any-thing.» -Nukunu

The Non-Dual-Therapy training is a training that goes beyond normal therapy. We will use therapeutic techniques to unravel and relax the fight in the mind. As the mind starts relaxing we will work with Dharmadoors to move back into the Source. Dharmadoors are powerful techniques that can lead to glimpses of real inner freedom.

Learn to share this with other people.

This training is an opportunity to work deeply and intensely with your own issues and eventually see the world from a different perspective. And you will also be trained to work and share this with other people. If you attend and complete all five parts of the NDT Therapist Training you will get a diploma/certificate signed by Nukunu. The diploma states the duration of the course and what you have learned here.

What will you learn?

  • Primal work, early life decisions and imprints.
  • Relating, Gestalt Therapy.
  • Power, Shadow Sides and Projections, Introjections.
  • Voice dialogue
  • Rapport building and counseling from the Heart.
  • Psychic readings- subtle energy reading in the body
  • Working with death and finishing business.
  • Dharmadoors and meditation.
  • Different forms of Enquiry into who we are.

The NDT Therapist Training consists of five unik parts:

  1. Primal and early life decisions (April 9th.-12th. 2020)
  2. Relationships (June 11th.-14th. 2020)
  3. Love and death (August 13th – 16th. 2020)
  4. Counseling, (October 22th. – 25th. 2020)
  5. Buddha Psychology (November 26th.- 29th. 2020)

Poul Jensen will be co-leading the training.

Price and payment
The price for each 4 day meeting is 3.500.- danish kroner + food and accomodation 750.-
(You can pay the whole training at once or pay as you go. If you sign up for the training you commit yourself to- and pay for all 20 days. Unless other arrangements are made with Nukunu.)

Book your place:
If you are interested in the training, or have any questions about it, please feel free to send an e-mail to: nukunu.youarethat(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com


Some words from participants of Nukunu´s training and retreats:

«I was already familiar with gestalt therapy, breathing technics, Advaita tradition etc., but I did not know that it can be used so effectively together. In Nukunu’s presence everything becomes very clear for me, I can be in the deepest meditation very easy now. It takes no effort to dive into the heart and become awareness itself  – and for me, that is the sign of a real master and his presence; When things just click and all theories become living knowledge.» – Sarita

«I am deeply grateful for meeting Nukunu. After many years of spiritual search Nukunu has given me the right tools to come out of my endless spinning of thoughts and into the room behind the thinking, where the deepest you arise. I have been to Satsangs and retreats with many spiritual teachers, but I was lacking the tools to enter into awakening and had actually given up the search when I met Nukunu. What is unique with Nunuku is that he has the tools to find our awakening. And he has given me these tools, so I can come back to my awakening.» – Nirvana


More about the NDT, created by Nukunu.

Non-Dual Psychology – The Psychology of Enlightenment
In most Western schools of therapy there is the belief that there is a “me” separated from all the experiences – thoughts, feelings, perceptions, the body and other bodies. And this “me” has to work and become free from unwanted experiences! It can be traumas from childhood, relationship problems or frustrations that the “me” experiences when it wants to grasp for a good feeling or get rid of unpleasant things.

“Me” and the “feeling”
When you go to a traditional psychologist or therapist, it is often because you feel bad in some way. Both you and the therapist believe that there is a “you” and some “feelings or state of mind” that are “real”. By real I mean that both the “me” and the “feeling” are seen as having a unique existence – a self-nature that is different from all other “egos” and “feelings”.

Grasping and rejecting
These types of dual therapy keep us fighting in the periphery through the use of names, labels, concept and judgements. When we are given a name for a feeling we immediately get occupied with the word. The moment words come in we are no longer present to the present. If it is a “good word”, for example “love”, we feel good and try to grasp the feeling. If it is a “bad word”, like anger, we try to push it away. This is the game of ignorance and duality – the game of grasping and rejecting.

A different starting point
In Non-Dual Psychology the starting point is that we are already whole. It is not something that has to be created. It is there as our very essence, and this essence is the Buddha – our natural state and our enlightenment. We are born in oneness with the divine wholeness and we do not need to be changed to come back to it. We just hve to remember who we are. Freeing that which is already whole in us. Non-Dual Therapy, in combination with meditation, can help us to realize that which is already unborn and immortal in our innermost reality.

Awakening is a good word for the shift that happens when we realize our true nature. The great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi used to say that the only difference between a normal dream in the night and the “dream of life” is the length of the dream; the dream of life lasts longer.

Relaxing into our feelings, resting in aware presence and then inviting our experiences into this freedom is a Dharmadoor which I call “Associated Inquiry”. Dharmadoors are powerful techniques that can lead to glimpses of real inner freedom, and in Non-Dual Therapy we use many types of Dharmadoors to help us wake up.

Book your place:
If you are interested in the training, or have any questions about it, please feel free to send an e-mail to: nukunu.youarethat(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com




“Matter of the Heart Center” is located near the sea. In the summer you can swim. All year you can have nice walks.