NDT therapist training. Start up.

Starts: 23-10-2021 Ends: 07-06-2022

Where?: Matter of the Heart Center, Gilleleije, Denmark

The Non Dual Therapy goes beyond ordinary therapy. Because it is aiming at taking you beyond duality and separation to the very source; awakening.

Non Dual therapy
“Classical” therapy can maybe make you feel a little better, because it can bring you in touch with repressed feelings, but the duality of separation is still there! There is still a “me” and a “something” that is maybe more accepted.

In NDT we go the whole way “home” and realise who we truly are and not just who
“we think we are.” Come the last step we use Satsang and Dharma-doors.

Here you can read more about NDT.

Dates (Changes might happen)

October 23rd. to 26nd. 2021

December 4th to 7th. 2021

January 15th. to 18th 2022

April 15th. to 18th. 2022

Last meeting: June 4th. to 7th. 2022

(All 5 modules start on the evening before at 17.00)

Book your place, or ask a question to: nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com

The price for each of the 5 modules is 3.500,- DKK, including Food/acc.

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