In-depth descriptions of ongoing events

Individual retreats

It is possible to do individual meditation retreats here when Nukunu is home.

Non Dual Therapist Training

When we live identified with the subject (the separated me) we suffer tremendously. One of the criterions for living our true nature is no suffering. You go beyond psychological suffering by realizing who you are (consciousness itself).

Sudden Awakening, Gradual Cultivation

A powerful training in how to work with the six fundamental elements in the journey of awakening.

The Zen Satori Experience

The word “Satori” comes from Zen Buddhism and it means ”A glimpse of Truth” or a moment of awakening. In The Zen Satori Experience we work with “Koans” which is a word that also comes from Zen.


To be in Satsang is to be reminded about something that we already know, but for some reason have forgotten.

Sangha Meetings

Weekend meetings for people who have completed the trainings in Buddha Psychology and Non-Dual Therapy.

In the end of every Non-Dual Training people are always expressing the need to continue to meet in one way or another.

Gayatri Meditation in Kiev, Ukraine

In Kiev, UKraine there are Gayatri meditations with Meera and Shankar.